Secret Bear World To Develop Minecraft Inspired BRICK BUILDING BEARS!

brickbuildingbearsGame developer ‘Secret Bear World’ is proud to announce the launch of a crowdfunding campaign to expand their PC-based virtual world game to include Minecraft™ and LEGO™ inspired Brick Building features! ‘Secret Bear World’ has quickly become a popular destination for children aged 6-14, and is a virtual world in which players have fun engaging in cool games, fun activities, and buying virtual goodies for their bears. Children can chat with each other and play games such as Magic Lamp and Bear Racing, and even go shopping for a plasma TV or a beary comfy bed!


The new Brick Building feature aims to give players more interactive gameplay as they build with a huge variety of tiles and blocks to construct their own worlds from their imaginations, and build customized environments such as Ice Castles and Secret Agent Headquarters. Players will be able to build anything they ever dreamed of and share their creations with other players. There is plenty of fun to be had! Bear coins earned within the world can be used to upgrade and buy cool items and accessories, and children can even dress up their bears in cool and beautiful costumes!


Supporters of the campaign are offered a host of cool rewards from Premium Gold Cards (lifetime membership for only $20 – Early Gold Bear Reward) to Ninja Bear T-shirts and Moshi Bears, which are small collectible replica bears identical to those featured in the virtual world! There is even a Superhero Costume consisting of cape, mask and power bands, and a bedding set of duvet cover & pillow case, all designed with wonderful attention to detail in the ‘Secret Bear World’ theme. For all reward levels, Secret Bear World will deliver the Premium Gold Card before their Kickstarter campaign ends, ensuring that all of their backers will have stocking stuffers for Christmas 2013!

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